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Eastern Christianity

Orthodox Church of Finland

Doctrines On all major issues the Orthodox Church of Finland is in agreement with other Eastern Orthodox Churches. (See Eastern Orthodoxy.)

History Christianity was brought to Finland in the twelfth century by Russian monks. In 1919 Finland gained independence from Russia, enabling the Finnish church to separate itself from the authority of the Russian Orthodox Church. In 1923 the Finnish church placed itself under the jurisdiction of the Patriarch of Constantinople. This transition was only recognised by the Russian church in 1957.

Symbols Festal icons, Christ as Pantocrator, Mary as Theotokos. (See Eastern Orthodoxy.)

Adherents The church has 56,762 members (Europa Publications Limited 1995, 1:1158).

Main Centre
 Karjalankatu 1, 70110 Kuopio; tel. (971) 2622611; fax. (971) 2618017.