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Sufi Islam


Doctrines The Suhrawardi school was characterised by its strong commitment to Sunni orthodoxy.

History Suhrawardiyyah has its origins in the teaching of Diya al-din Abu 'n-Najib as-Surawardi (1097-1168). After studying Islamic law in Baghdad Abu n-Najib went to live by the river Tigris where he set up a retreat and gathered a group of disciples. The ordered became particularly influential through the work of Abu 'n-Najib's nephew, Shihab ad-din Abu Hafs 'Umar (1145-1234). Shihab ad-din acquired the support of the caliph and attracted sufis from all over the world to hear him teach.
From the Middle East the order spread into India where, in spite of splitting into a large number of subgroups, it became an active in Indian Islamic spiritual life, an influence which extended even as the Mogal court.

Symbols The order does not have a distinctive symbol system.

Adherents It is not possible to determine how many followers the order now has.

Main Centre
 The order has centres spread around different parts of India.