The Healthy-Happy-Holy Organisation

Doctrines The main emphasis is on (Kundalini)Yoga, something that orthodox belief does not readily sanction. Their rigorous routine of meditation is designed to awaken the dormant subtle energy (kundalini) lying at the base of the spine and make it ascend the spine through various psycho-spiritual centres (chakras) to reach a climax at the top of the head, and so union with an inner God. They also believe in the rahit (code of conduct for a Khalsa Sikh) and observe it with great discipline.

History The Healthy-Happy-Holy Organisation (3 HO), or as it is also known the Sikh Dharma of the Western Hemisphere, or just as the Sikh Dharma movement, was founded by Harbhajan Singh Puri (later Yogi Bhajan) in Los Angeles, North America in 1971. The movement, uniquely, has an ordained ministry. Members adopt Khalsa as their surname.

Symbols Members wear white clothing, with turbans worn by both men and women. White is often used as a symbol of spiritual purity.

Adherents The movement claims an estimated several thousand members across seventeen countries around the globe. However there are no official numbers.

Main Centre
 Los Angeles, North America.