Baluan Native Christian United Church
(Melanesian Independant Church)

Doctrines The beliefs of the Baluan Native Christian United Church are based on a radical rejection of Christian belief in favour of a myth-history called the 'new fashion'. Implicit in the church's theology was the claim that Jesus had been judged at his trial by an Australian and the prospect of divine retribution against Australia through the Americans if the former did not do the right thing by the Baluan people. Although the rites are based on the Roman Catholic liturgy, members of the church are forbidden to attend Catholic or Lutheran services.

History The Baluan Native Christian United Church was founded on Baluan island in the Admiralty islands, in 1946 by Paliau Maloat, a former sergeant in the Australian constabulary. It was hoped that this church could provide the basis for the formation of an indigenous theology. Between 1946 and 1950 the church spread and attracted converts from mainstream churches. In 1950 Paliau was arrested only to be later released following popular opposition to the arrest.
In the 1960s Paliau became actively involved in local politics, and was elected to the national House of Assembly. In the 1970s he led a movement called Makasol, which operated as both a religious movement and a political pressure group. At this time Paliau's church continued to grow in spite of experiencing financial difficulties and defections. Paliau was knighted in 1991 - shortly before his death.

Symbols I am not aware of any distinctive symbolism associated with the movement.

Adherents To my knowledge, there is no available information on the size of the movement.

Main Centre
 Baluan island.