Christian Fellowship Church of New Georgia

Doctrines The beliefs and practices of the Christian Fellowship Church Loarnieva are somewhat reminiscent of those of the Kimbanguist church in Africa. Its central figure was the healer-prophet, Silas Eto, whose title was the Holy Mama. Like Simon Kimbangau, Eto's name has been incorporated into the church's liturgy along with the members of the Trinity. Eto spoke of himself as the fourth member of the Trinity, and some of his members describe him as having superseded God.

History Silas Eto (1905-84) had trained to be a pastor in the Methodist Church under the famous New Zealand missionary J.F. Gouldie. He received a number of visionary experiences which led him in 1960 to break away from Methodism and form his own church, the Christian Fellowship Church. Following Eto's death in 1984, the church was placed under the authority of Sam Kuku. The church has continued to grow so that now it has a seminary, primary schools and business interests.

Symbols Silas Eto wore long white robes and a turban.

Adherents About 3 per cent of the population of New Georgia are members of the Christian Fellowship Church.

Main Centre
 New Georgia.