Mambu Movement
(North-West New Guinea)

Doctrines The Mambu movement is one of the so-called "King movements" that emerged in Melanesia. Its founder Mambu, the self-declared "Black King", taught that cargo had been destined to the native peoples by the ancestors and had been taken from them by Europeans. Mambu proclaimed the arrival of a new era when native peoples would no longer have to obey Europeans by forbidding his followers from paying taxes to the European authorities and sending their children to missionary schools.

History The Mambu movement was named after its founder, a convert to Roman Catholicism, who like other such leaders sought to divert cargo wealth from Europeans to native peoples. It acquired converts and spread throughout the interior of New Guinea during the 1930s. Following the arrest of Mambu the movement went into decline and eventually disappeared.

Symbols Adherents to the movement were baptised in water and wore European dress.

Adherents It is impossible to determine with accuracy the size of the movement.

Main Centre
 North-west of New Guinea.